Jennifer Duggan

Jennifer is the Director of Finance and Human Resources for the Alabama Sheriffs’ Youth Ranches. She has worked with the Ranches for over 25 years.  Jennifer works with the CEO to create and implement long-term strategic plans for finance and human resources for the ranches. She ensures the ranch’s accounting and human resources policies and procedures conform to generally accepted accounting principles.  She oversees the accounting functions for the organization including receivables, payables, inventory, payroll, budgets, and preparation of financial statements.  Jennifer has a bachelor’s degree in Accounting from AUM where she graduated Cum Laude.

Jennifer is mom to Marlo and Kinley. Marlo is a sophomore at Southern Union and is majoring in business and marketing.   Kinley is a freshman at Southern Union and she plans on going into physical therapy.  Jennifer’s most favorite thing to do is spend time with her girls.  She also loves exercising, especially boxing and group exercise circuit training classes. She enjoys hanging out with friends, sports, traveling and eating good food.  She loves to rock out at the contemporary service at Frazer Church.

“I find it very rewarding to work for the ranches.  Although I do not get to see the children often, I love playing a part in making their lives better.  Many of our children come from crisis situations that are no fault of their own.   We provide them a safe home, where they have loving parents and a ranch family that truly care about them.  I have been and continue to be blessed by being a part of this ministry. “