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Independent Living Program

When a child comes to live at one of our Ranches, we commit to that child to do our best to teach them to become well-rounded, productive adults. We accomplish this goal in several ways. When a Rancher turns 16 years old, they enter our Independent Living Program.

We help the Ranchers learn to take care of themselves to assure they will be able to thrive when they leave our care. We teach them how to maintain a car, how to write a check and balance a checkbook, how to make and live within a budget. They also take part in buying the groceries and other household items for their family.

College Program

Our care for these children does not stop at high school graduation. We pledge to these young adults that we will help fund their college education if they follow our college program.

We developed our college program so that incoming freshmen are able to attend a local junior college for their first two years. We have designated houses at each of our Ranches so that they have easy access to the campus while at the same time allowing us a better opportunity to supervise and guide them academically, as well as emotionally. After they complete the two years at the junior college, they may attend the college of their choice as long as they maintain a "C" or better average and abide by all of the rules and regulations of the college program.