Corporate Support

The financial assistance provided by our corporate supporters is invaluable to helping us raise these boys and girls. There are many ways that you and your company can make a difference in the life of a child in need. Our corporate supporters help plan and implement special events throughout the state. They volunteer to help with events as well as special projects on each of the Ranch locations. We have listed several ideas below for how you and your company can get involved. For more information, please call our Administrative Office: (334) 213-2071.

Volunteer for a Ranch Work Day

Whether your group is small or large, we always have many special projects that could use your help. Our Ranch locations have acreage and many buildings that require a lot of upkeep. We appreciate our many supporters who come help us with these projects and would love to host your company for a corporate volunteer day. 

Payroll Deduction

If your company already has a payroll deduction program, please consider adding the Ranches to the available options. State Employees can give through the State Combined Campaign by selecting #999978. 

Matching Gifts and Grants

Many companies offer a matching gift program that can double the impact of your charitable gift. Some companies also have a grants or corporate giving program that will allow you to recommend your favorite charity for a donation. If your company offers these options, please consider making a donation to the Ranches.