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Helping Through College

The Alabama Sheriffs Youth Ranches is committed to providing a education for the youths we help. Once a rancher graduates from high school, they are given the option to further their education through attending a vocational school or university.

In 2008, the Alabama Sheriffs Youth Ranches made history when it built "Carls House", Alabama's first college transitional home on a residential care facility. Carls house is open to any resident that has graduated high school from one of our Boys Ranches throughout the state. The college program will allow young men and women to attend a Community College for two years, after completion and maintaining a 2.0 GPA (or "C") or better average the ranchers will then be given the opportunity to choose and attend a state university of their choice.

When a rancher enters the college program, they are allowed to build upon the independent living skills they have already been taught throughout their time at the Ranch. College students will learn to manage a class and work schedule while taking time for social and scholastic activities. Tutors and other assistance will be provided to help college students maintain their GPA.